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Full training for Rubberall, Quicktrim and FiberTite


Flat roofing courses are available through Plytech. Since 2005, we’ve been offering full-day training courses for EPDM rubber and other single ply roofing membranes. As one of the leading suppliers of flat rubber roofing materials, and innovators of our own Quicktrim flat roofing edge trim system, our years of experience in installation and best procedure allow us to provide high-quality EPDM roofing courses.

Rubberall & Quicktrim


Our EPDM roofing courses begin with Rubberall 1.2mm and 1.5mm roofing membranes as well as solvent-based bonding adhesives, water-based bonding adhesives, seam tape primers, seam tapes, semi-cured cover strip and uncured flashing to overcome external corner details among other accessories. Flat roofing courses will take you from roof surface preparation and the procedure of laying out the Rubberall EPDM membrane all the way through to adhering the membrane with different bonding adhesives, tackling internal and external corner details and using seam tape to join rubber sheets together. We also cover drainage and pipe details and the use of termination bars to ensure you are equipped with the necessary skills to tackle your next flat roofing projects. Flat roofing courses will also take you through the installation of the three basic components in the Quicktrim range, including the Check Kerb, Drip Edge details, and our pre-formed, solid Check Kerb and Drip Edge Corners.





Plytech can also offer a full 3-day training course for FiberTite products. We will ensure the same high-quality advice and resources to get you up to an approved status for this unique, puncture and chemical resistant single ply membrane. As an approved installer, we will work alongside you throughout your projects to maintain the high quality of this single ply system and to add peace of mind to your customers throughout the project life-cycle. This high-quality KEE single ply membrane will offer opportunities within the commercial markets and excels in the data centre and food production sectors along with it’s appeal for the larger residential market.


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