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Flat roofs can be a great option for your home but it is important to be aware that they can be affected by extreme weather conditions – particularly if they’re old or poorly installed. In order to prevent flat roof problems in the winter months, which often bring heavy rain, wind and snow, we’ve put together some guidelines for caring for your flat roof.

Make sure your roof is clear of leaves and debris

Piles of leaves and other debris can collect on your flat roof, particularly when there are strong winds outside. It’s important to remove these regularly as unnecessary pressure on your roof might lead to leaks or other damage. If you have overhanging trees close to your flat roof, it’s also a good idea to cut these back regularly so that you can limit the build-up of debris.

Check it regularly in periods of extreme weather

The tendency for flat roof problems will increase during periods of extreme weather, as this places extra stress and pressure on your roof. Strong winds, snowfall and pools of heavy rain can all be quite damaging to a flat roof – particularly if it’s an old or poorly-fitted one. Make sure to check it regularly if you’re experiencing extreme weather as it’s good to spot issues early on.

Make sure your drains are clear

On a similar note to clearing the flat roof itself, it’s also a good idea to ensure that the drains which connect to the roof are clear from any debris. During periods of heavy rain, it is important that water can run freely from your roof. If there are any blockages, this may lead to pools of water collecting on the roof and, eventually, leaks.

Call a professional roofer

If you are concerned about the problems that can occur with a flat roof, or you find any holes or damage on your roof, we always recommend calling in a professional to evaluate the situation. It is better that any damage is repaired quickly and effectively as it can easily worsen over time.

Use EPDM rubber

If your roof is old, or made from materials which aren’t equipped to deal with winter weather, this will increase the likelihood of damage to your flat roof. It may be worthwhile investing in a new roofing material, one that can withstand extreme conditions and last a long time. EPDM rubber, for example, is a weatherproof roofing material which requires very little maintenance and can hold up in harsher climates/conditions.

As the Winter approaches, it’s important that you look after your flat roof as best as you can. Hopefully these tips will help you to keep it in good condition. If you have been having flat roof problems and you’d like some further advice, get in touch with us today.